Saturday, 1 October 2011

Act One, Scene two

We are introduced to scene 2 with Lady Anne walking down the street accompanied by gentlemen bearing halberds to hold the coffin of her late husband King Henry 6th. She has them set the coffin down and begins to express her grief over the King’s death. In expressing her grief she curses any future children which Richard might have, and prays that after Richard's death his future wife will know even more grief than Lady Anne currently feels.
Gloster then enters and is immediately attacked by words of hatred from Anne for his role in the death of her husband. Following through with his plans to marry her, he tries to woo her by saying how lovely he thinks she is. However, Anne continues to scorn him after each attempt. Gloster finally admits he killed her husband but with the crafty excuse that he did it so that he alone could love her. Gloster bends down on his knees and tells her to kill him if she cannot forgive him to which she replies, "I will not be thy executioner." 
Gloster proceeds to asking her hand in marriage and surprisingly Anne agrees. He expresses his surprise in a soliloquy which brings the scene to an end.

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