Saturday, 1 October 2011

Act one, Scene 4

Scene 4 opens with an imprisoned Clarence telling Brakenbury about the dream he had the night before. Clarence dreams about setting sail to France with his brother Richard. Aboard the ship Richard stumbles and when Clarence reaches to help him up he is flung into the sea where he drowns slowly. Clarence tries to forget about this dream but cannot escape the terrible feeling of drowning repeatedly and has yet another bad dream.
Clarence asks Brakenbury to stay with him while he sleeps. Brakenbury agrees, and Clarence falls asleep. Suddenly, Gloster’s hired murderers enter unannounced. They hand Brakenbury the warrant that Gloster gave them, a legal document that orders Brakenbury to leave them alone with Clarence, no questions asked. Brakenbury then proceeds to leave the room. Left alone with the sleeping Clarence, the two murderers debate how best to kill him. Both suffer some pangs of conscience, but the memory of the reward Gloster offers them overcomes their uncertainty. 
Clarence awakes and meets the murderers and pleads for his life. Clarence begs them to go to Gloster who will reward them for spring his life. One of the murderers reveals that it is in fact Gloster who hired them to kill him which leaves Clarence in disbelief. One of the murderers hesitates to kill him but the other stabs him and disposes of the body in the wine Keg next door. The two then flee the scene.

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