Monday, 14 January 2013

Prelude to Sons and Daughters

1.) An unhealthy relationship may be one where there is a dangerous imbalance where one individual is being strained or adversely affected. Both parties however can also be negatively affected by the relationship which makes it unhealthy. 2.) Oedipus Complex refers to the psychoanalytical theory which describes a desire for sexual involvement with a parent of the opposite sex and a fueling rivalry towards the parent of the same sex.
3.) I think that it is quite strange and may be regarded as deviant behavior. However, as a child you are dependent on your parent for love and nurturing and sometimes that may be perceived differently and consequently triggers sexual desire rather than the reciprocal love a child is expected to show their parents.
4.) Negative effects that accompany the scenario of older men having children with young girls can include:
- the young girl being stigmatized
- she may be unable to further her education since she has to take care of the child
- the older man may not want to support his child due to the negative connotations that are attached to this scenario and consequently the baby may grow up in poverty.

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