Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Act 3 Scene 1 –
1)      He is referring to the temple of the oracle.
2)      The oracle is located in Delphos
3)      The oracle is located in Delphi 
4)      Two characters speak in this scene.
5)      They speak about the beauty of the place they have just visited in Delphos.  
6)      They want her to say that Hermione is innocent.
7)      They say that it has been pleasant and speedy.
8)      That she is unfaithful.
9)      The oracle is dedicated to Apollo.
10)  This refers to the sealed message they have.
11)  They get horses.
12)  They think little of it and think it is accompanied with violent carriages.

Act 3 Scene 2 –
1)      He calls for the ‘prisoner’.
2)      Committing adultery is one of her charges.
3)          She thinks her integrity and loyalty is enough proof.
 4)      She thinks the accusations make her life not worth living.
5)      She says they exist only in his dreams
6)      The officer of the court reads it.
7)      He characterizes Leontes as a jealous tyrant.
8)      He lives without an heir.
9)      A servant gives him this news.
10)  She faints.
11)  Paulina tells the king that the queen dies.
12)  He says he’ll visit the grave once a day.

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