Tuesday, 11 September 2012

What is a theme ?
A theme is the underlying idea which  a literary work attempts to convey or the motivation it seeks to explore.

1.) Friendship means a great deal to me.
2.) Yes, I am still friends with my childhood friend who I met at age 7.
3.) Loyalty means a great deal to me.
4.) I would react passively.
5.)  There has never been a situation where I thought my friend betrayed me then found out I was wrong because my friends are loyal so the idea would never occur to me.
6.) Nope.
7.) I have never been cheated on and my best friend would never do such a thing.
8.) If that were the case I would be too hurt to think of payback.
9.) I once caused discomfort to a female who was spreading rumours about me. She deserved every bit of the embarrassment. 
10.) To be banished from society.

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